TDG integrates the perspectives and talents of urban designers, landscape architects, planners and engineers to create memorable, high quality places for people to experience and enjoy. We weave together disciplines to create great streets and places and we understand how streets, paths, trails, building, and open spaces relate to the social fabric, economic success, and quality of life within built environments. TDG’s core Landscape Architecture and Urban Design services include:

  • Major street conversions and complete streets projects
  • Transportation and related projects associated with new development and redevelopment
  • Downtown, Small Area, and University Campus transportation master plans
  • Major corridor plans that are focused on encouraging new economic development
  • Plaza and open space planning and design
  • Landscape architecture associated with Low Impact Development projects
  • Planting plans, waysides and small park designs
  • Wayfinding signage plans
  • Charrettes and community design and planning workshops that are highly interactive, inclusive, and focused on implementation