Senior Planner

Sean Co is a senior planner at Toole Design Group. He brings 15 years of Active Transportation planning experience in California and beyond, including nearly 11 years working with the 101 cities, nine counties and 27 transit operators in the San Francisco Bay Area at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). Sean is a national expert in the nexus of public health and active transportation and has worked with the Center for Disease Control, the American College of Sports Medicine and colleagues in Europe to quantify the benefits of physical activity from walking and biking. While at MTC, Sean helped to establish Complete Streets policies for Bay Area jurisdictions and implement one of the first regional bike share programs with the Bay Area Bike Share program.

Sean was a semi-professional bicycle racer in a previous life and brings that same passion and drive to his current work. He still rides bikes of all kinds and is inspired by his two children who are learning the joys of biking. When not working on projects, Sean enjoys rock climbing, making his own beer and running whenever he does not have his bike with him.